Configure the Symantec Settings

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II. Configure the Symantec Settings

– After restarting, log onto the server with administrative privileges.

– In order to ensure that everything is up to date, manually run Symantec AntiVirus LiveUpdate.

Start | All Programs | Symantec Client Security | Symantec AntiVirus.

– If prompted, enter the username and password from Step 18b.

– Click the LiveUpdate button to run the LiveUpdate utility (follow the directions on the screen).

– Close the Symantec AntiVirus program when finished updating.

– Open the Start | All Programs | Symantec System Center Console | Symantec System Center

Console program.

– Within the left-hand pane, expand the Symantec System Center | System Hierarchy list, and right-click the server group created in Step 18, and then select Unlock Server Group.

– Enter the case-sensitive information from Step 18b, and then click the OK button.

Right-click on the server listed in the right-hand pane, and then select Make Server a Primary Server.

Click the Yes button to continue.

– Click the Cancel button on any Reporting Server Options windows that may appear.

– Right-click on the server icon in order to access the needed menu for each of the following submenus (close each set of menus when finished with the needed configuration):

– Select All Tasks | Symantec AntiVirus | Virus Definition Manager

– Within the


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