Enjoy your cloud storage file anywhere anytime with Gmail Drive.

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What is Gmail Drive?

Gmail Drive is shell extension software that allows to connect from your computer through to your Gmail account for store your data anytime anywhere. In my opinion it is use as like dropbox. For detail information please check  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GMail_Drive.

1. Requirement

You have to create gmail account. Example: pisethnov at gmail dot com

2. Download Gmail Drive as link below

http://majorgeeks.com/GMail_Drive_d4405.html (download  and use with your own risk. If want to make sure that is virus or not please check my post at http://pis3th.info/personal/2010/10/06/online-virus-scan/)

3. Install it with file setup.exe

 4. You will see a new drive(Gmail Drive) appear under My Computer in explorer.

 5. Right click on Gmail Drive and click on Login As

6. And fill out information login of your Gmail account

 Enjoy your cloud storage file anywhere anytime.

P.S: using this tutorial with your own risk.


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