Configure any Software RAID in Ubuntu 20.4

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  1. Introduction
    1. 2 There are three types of RAID these days.
      1. 2.1 Hardware RAID– raid controller that added with hardware server
      1. 2.2 Software RAID – it is software that combine your multiple hard disk into raid
      1. 2.3 Fake RAID – it is hardware which built-in computer main-board which functionalities combine multiple hard disk into raid but not work fast as hardware RAID also cannot compare speed as Software RAID.
    1. 2 I had chosen RAID 5 which require 3HDDs+ for this tutorial. Moreover we can use this method with any for software raid in Ubuntu.
    1. 3 I just highlight part of configure hard disk during install Ubuntu 20.4.x. not the whole install Ubuntu
  2. Configuration
    2.1 Use Custom storage layout

2.2 With three HDDs make it Use as Boot Device

2.3 With three HDDs Add GPT Partition with not format

2.4 Select Create software RAID (md)

2.5 Select three HDDs with active status for create new softwareRAID

2.6 Create partition – it is just my personal method to create partition for my server.

2.6 Below is the created partition


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