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How to Manual Configure Internet for Hello GSM (016) in your mobile phone

July 14th, 2009

APN: hellowww
Username: None
Password: None

2016: nowadays, 016 joint with smart so Access Point Name (APN): change to smart

enjoy your surfing

Manual Configure Internet for Mobitel(012) in my mobile phone.

July 14th, 2009

If your phone model is not listed please follow these simple steps:

  1. Internet Access Point Name (APN): cellcard
  2. Data bearer/connection type: GPRS
  3. User name:
  4. Password:
  5. Authentication: normal
  6. WAP/Proxy address: (optional)
  7. Port: 8080 (8080 for http and 9201 for wap) (optional)
  8. Home page: (optional)

How to use mobile Internet

  1. On the Cellcard Menu on your phone, click Internet
  2. Click Browse, wait for the browser to load and you can start browsing
  3. To bookmark a Web page, click Tools or Options and then click Bookmark

how to Manual Configure Internet for qb more (013) in your mobile phone

July 14th, 2009
Go to Setting, then Connection and create Access Points for each VAS services
1. WAP
2. MMS
Configure Internet Setting to use the right Access Point and its Proxy.1. Mobile portal (
– Access Point: WAP
– Use Proxy: Yes
– Proxy IP Address:
– Proxy Server Port: 80802. MMS
– Access Point: MMS
– Use Proxy: Yes
– Proxy IP Address:
– Proxy Server Port: 8080

3. Streaming
– Access Point: WAP
– Use Proxy: NO

qb more internet connection from phone to Computer

July 14th, 2009

How to configure dial-up network (direct connection from mobile to PC) ?

For LG handset
Insert your LG CD driver in to your CD ROM drive.

  1. Install LG PC Suite in to your computer. After finishing setup, do the following steps
  2. Connect your USB cable from your PC to LG phone.
  3. Click on start, programs, LGPC Suite 2, LG PC Suite
  4. Point to COMMUNICATION then click on internet Kit
  5. Click on Setting tab then click on New tab
  6. Type qbmore in the profile box
  7. Type wap in the APN box
  8. Type *99***1# in the Call Number box
  9. Dial-up Number: *99***1#

for further information with deference phone(with cable and bluetooth) please contact me by

Designed Sucessful Network Infrastructure.

July 5th, 2009

Designed Sucessful Network Infrastructure.

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